SEO copywriters. What makes one better than another?

Panda, Penguin and Pigeon. Ah, Google, the world’s leading search engine and animal spotter. Just when you catch up with SEO copy, they change their algorithms. Leaving you feeling like a Pterodactyl. When you’d rather be as happy as a Pig in…

So gone are keyword stuffing and paid-for links. Today, it’s about regularly updated copy, back-end SEO, mobile capability and plain old popularity. So beware the copywriter who promises that copy alone will get you to the top of page one.

SEO copy. You can’t scale Mt. Google alone. It’s a joint effort.

  • Rely on a talented and well-informed SEO copywriter.
  • Write for humans.Search engines don’t buy your products or services.
  • Use a professional SEO techie to address the back-end.
  • Go mobile. Google, like everyone else, has a mobile phone.
  • Drive people to the website through legitimate sources.

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