room swap

Room Swap

Room Swap works in the same way as the hugely popular house-swap concept but it is only open to people who own establishments within the hospitality industry. It enables owners to take time off at participating hotels and guesthouses for no charge. I wrote their new website, one of many projects I have completed as a travel copywriter.


Dialaflight is the UK’s leading independent online travel agent. I’ve been their copywriter for ten years. I’ve kept their web content fresh and optimised, with up-to-date informal on global destinations. I’ve also written their weekly e-DM and helped them achieve a huge increase in flight and holiday sales.  

african adventures

African Adventures

Hunting, fishing, diving, bush adventures… There’s nothing like “up close and personal” to the enchantment of nature. From the savannas to reef diving, African Adventures takes guests on an exhilarating break. This free free resource helps you gain insight and entertain yourself while sharing your own cherished experiences with like-minded individuals. I wrote their website, as well as several of …