Fruttare – Blast of Positive Feelings

Have an instant blast of positive feelings! Unilever asked me to write a radio campaign to support Fruttare’s sponsorsip of the Comedy Minute on national radio stations. These three ads and cut-downs helped support the promotion.

cornetto black and white

Cornetto Black & White

Enter a world of black and white with Cornetto’s new ice cream. My ad brought to life the contrasts to this great new flavour – a mixture of dark chocolate and vanilla. It was so successful and so enjoyed by the client, Unilever, that the ad ran in markets around the world.



What’s funnier than a fruit joke? A fruit telling a fruit joke. I created an animated TV campaign, using characters to support the launch of a new ice cream, Fruttare, which was made with real fruit. I was responsible for concepts, copywriting, voiceovers and overseeing the animation process.  

omo dirt is good

Omo – Dirt is Good

Exploring their interests (and getting dirty along the way) is one of the best ways for kids to grow as individuals. Omo recognises this, encouraging moms to give the children the freedom to learn and develop their own talents, safe in the knowledge that with Omo’s superior stain removal, dirty clothes are never a problem. I was the copywriter on …

omo olympics

Omo – Olympics

Advertising during the Olympics can be a problem for a brand, especially if their main competitor is an official sponsors. That why Omo took a fresh spin on achieving athletic glory, reminding moms that every gold medalist started out as a little boy or girl learning and failing at their sport. I was the copywriter on this campaign.