If you DIY, you know Builders! I wrote radio commercials and live reads for promotions they were running. I worked with their agency, Bladeworks, and conceptualised, wrote and directed the campaign. As they say: Builders. Get it done.

Seecrypt – Copywriter for press releases

Seecrypt is a software-only privacy communications app which allows users to make and receive unlimited, secure encrypted calls and texts. I am their copywriter, responsible for press releases. They are based in the Bahamas but I wrote their copy from London and now Johannesburg.

The Clinic – Copywriter for boutique agency

The Clinic is a boutique ad agency in Singapore. I help them write copy for a pro-bono charity appeal, in support of international vaccines, as well as many other campaigns. As a copywriter London, and now based in Johannesburg, it’s great to work with such fun people.

Six Degrees Media

Six Degrees is South Africa’s specialist airline advertising company. They place advertising campaigns of blue-chip brands on-board national airlines. I’m copywriting all their sales material, helping them reach out to media professionals with brochures, rate cards and press releases.