Direct mail copywriter. Keep your message out of the bin.

It’s direct mail – not junk mail. The former is personal and creates and maintains a relationship with the reader. The latter creates and maintains a relationship with the rubbish bin. Raise the quality of your direct mail, however, and you’ll enjoy a high return. The Hungry Copywriter has many years experience in response marketing. I can help you create a mail-piece that stays out of the trash and becomes your new control pack.

How will we achieve this?

  • Lead with your offer. Present it in a fresh, creative and simple way.
  • Be personal. Imagine we’re right there in our target’s living room. After all, we are.
  • Don’t highlight customer needs. Provide solutions.
  • Write in an approachable, professional tone.
  • Close with a powerful and achievable call to action.

Make the most of the mail. Contact an affordable London copywriter.