Advertising copywriter. What’s the big idea?

Effective advertising needs to be versatile. It should shimmy across a cinema screen. It should pirouette on a postage stamp. However it dances, its partner should be a big, fresh idea. Most internet copywriters, however, are wordsmiths. They aren’t conceptualisers. The Hungry Copywriter does both – and has done so for many years.

Over a decade in top international advertising agencies

They say you are the company you keep. In The Hungry Copywriter’s case, that company has included blue chip advertising agencies across the globe. Prestigious agencies, from London, Dubai, Singapore, Saigon and Johannesburg, have hired me full-time on the strength of my ideas – and they haven’t been disappointed. I’ve helped agencies like Saatchi’s, BBDO, TBWA, JWT, Lowe, Y&R and McCann grow their clients’ businesses and create award-winning campaigns. And I delivered, across all media, from print to posters, TV to radio, cinema to skywriting.

Big ideas for less

Big agencies are great at coming up with big ideas. They’re also great at coming up with big bills. Hire me – and you’ll enjoy the expertise of an agency at the rates of a freelancer,

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Advertising Services from The Hungry Copywriter

  • New product names
  • Taglines
  • Body copy
  • Press ads
  • Radio ads
  • Online campaigns
  • Outdoor ads
  • TV campaigns
  • Cinema ads