Affordable London copywriter. Rarer than hen’s teeth.

the hungry copywriter affordable london copywriter

You could say that I’m bound to say that. I’m a  copywriter. My job is to paint everyone, including  myself, in a flattering light. Except it happens to be  true. I live in Johannesburg. The pound goes so far here, you’d need the  Hubble telescope to see it.

My name is Stephen Pollock. I’m The Hungry Copywriter.

Before I became a freelance copywriter, I worked as a senior copywriter and creative director for over a decade. I was employed by top international ad agencies, including TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Lowe, McCann Erikson and Young & Rubicam. In fifteen years, my copywriting career took me around the world: London, Dubai, Singapore, Saigon and, now, Johannesburg.

No, you won’t find me at lavish agency lunches.

“Bring me the Châteauneuf-du-Pape. And be a good chap. Charge it to the client!” It may be a cliché but agencies do pad their bills with trendy offices, lots of staff and long boozy lunches. I know this because I was no stranger to those lunches. As they say, when in Rome, indulge in the orgies.

My hunger, these days, is to write great copy.

So I’ve changed. I now freelance and write directly for clients. When you need copy for a website, a brochure, a radio spot, a press ad or a thundering, theatrical epic, you don’t have to wait for your ad agency. You can have it written now, to exacting standards and at a substantially less cost. My appetite to write exceptional copy has helped me create effective advertising in every medium.  I’ve also won awards at the international festivals.

And it’s a hunger that’s been fed by businesses in almost every industry.

I’ve helped businesses, big and small, around the world, offer more services and sell more products. I’ve written copy for Airlines, Insurance, Hospitality, Banks, Consumer Electronics, Broadcasters, Arts, Charities, IT, Newspapers, Automotive, FMCG, Finance, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Alcohol and Tobacco, Travel and Telecoms.

So then why is The Hungry Copywriter hungry?

A Ukrainian proverb sums it up well. “A peckish wolf runs faster than a plump weimaraner.” It’s the same with copywriters. The ones in the wild work hard for their supper. And a wolf with hen’s teeth? They work even harder.

Need a hungry London copywriter? Get in touch. I’m famished.