room swap

Room Swap

Room Swap works in the same way as the hugely popular house-swap concept but it is only open to people who own establishments within the hospitality industry. It enables owners to take time off at participating hotels and guesthouses for no charge. I wrote their new website, one of many projects I have completed as a travel copywriter.

omo dirt is good

Omo – Dirt is Good

Exploring their interests (and getting dirty along the way) is one of the best ways for kids to grow as individuals. Omo recognises this, encouraging moms to give the children the freedom to learn and develop their own talents, safe in the knowledge that with Omo’s superior stain removal, dirty clothes are never a problem. I was the copywriter on …

animal anti-cruelty league

Animal Anti-Cruelty League

Most of the public see feral cats as pests and a nuisance. My press advert pointed out one unassailable fact. The real pests are a cat’s supper: rats. By donating to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, you can help them set up healthy feral cat colonies which keep the real pests at bay. I was the conceptualiser and copywriter on the campaign.



If it’s in the air, it’s up your nose. A pretty disconcerting thought when faced with germs, viruses, pollen and so much more. Fortunately, there’s iliadin Nasal Decongestant to keep your nasal passages clean and safe from those airborne nasties. This campaign ran across press, outdoor, in-store and radio. There was also CSR where we sponsored elephant health at the …

omo olympics

Omo – Olympics

Advertising during the Olympics can be a problem for a brand, especially if their main competitor is an official sponsors. That why Omo took a fresh spin on achieving athletic glory, reminding moms that every gold medalist started out as a little boy or girl learning and failing at their sport. I was the copywriter on this campaign.